Dogs on Thursday!

Welcome to Dogs on Thursday! I can't believe it is Thursday already; where has the week gone?
Max and I have been working on a project to share with you all but we were unable to get it finished for this weeks post. I've been extremely busy trying to get some customers quilts done so hopefully next week.
So how about a few baby pictures?
Everyone likes baby pictures right!

~Max's first week home~

He is a snuggling kind of guy and the hubby said "first time he wets the bed he is out"; so WAH LAH we pulled out the old pampers! I know not everyone is into the whole "pets in the bed" thing but I am and that's what we do here. He wore the diaper all night and for several nights; we didn't have an accident, we got to snuggle and it was the fastest potty training I've had with a little one in quit some time.

(disclaimer - not suitable for all furry friends)

~ Good dental hygeine is very important~

~A good toy to snuggle with~

~And then a new day begins all over with more things to get into~

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Enjoy your day,

Sharon & Max


  1. Hi Sharon, thanks for dropping by! Max is so adorable! The first picture of him looks just like my Happy when she was a pup. Happy DOT!

  2. Oh my gosh, he is the CUTEST, Sharon! And the diaper on him....awwwwww.geeez...what a cutie!

    Actually tonight is finally cooled down, thank God!

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Max is a cutie pie. Love the diapers!

  4. Oh I'm so in love with Max. I love baby pic's and these sure are cute. I just love seeing adored happy little furry people.


  5. Thanks for stopping by, glad you liked the geese. They are such fun.
    You little guy is so adorable. Our neighbors have a yorkie too, and they are the most adorable little dogs. We squeeze her every chance we get! Glad you enjoy yours so much. The diapers are so cute!

  6. Oh my gosh those are the cutest pictures ever!!!!!!! I want to go get a puppy now, 5 dogs aren't bad right? Thanks for stopping by my blog, & I can already tell it will change my life. My boyfriend likes it because I don't nag him because I am too busy blogging!!

  7. Sharon,
    Your new puppy Max is soooo cute! I have wanted a little lap dog for awhile, but have not taken the plunge. The nappies are actually a good idea and one I will remember.

  8. Such cute pictures of Max.I do hope you will join me for Crock Pot Wednesdays at Diningwithdebbie.blogspot.com. There are some really great giveaways for the inaugural event. Come check it out.

  9. Thanks for stopping by my blog, Sharon! That is possibly the cutest puppy picture I have EVER seen. Our Maggie sleeps with us and I never thought of using Pampers. She wasn't easy to housebreak so wish I would have thought of that.

    Have a great rest of the week.

  10. HEHE! Max is such an adorable sweetie pie! I just LOVE his diaper. I had a friend do this with her teeny tiny toy poodle when it was her time of the month. It was the funniest thing ever. LOL! :)

  11. o.my.gosh! That dog is precious! And the diaper thing is a riot!

  12. Catching up on old posts finally! Vacation is hard on blogging!
    This post is a hoot! I love the toothbrush, and the diaper! You saved the day! Good girl!
    Hugs. Karen


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