{ We're Working, We're Working }

And let the assembling commence!

four days later

Sometimes it's better to pay the "assembling" charge
but in this case, not so much.

Even though it may have taken four days,
required full use of the dining room table, 
two cutting mats and some "quilters" ingenuity 
our end result did not end at a very lovely wedding invitation
 but also a wonderful bonding experience with my daughter.
The countless conversations, endless to-do list discussions, 
memories of times gone by and a tear or two. 
It was priceless and worth every moment!

Enjoy your day,


{ I Love Mail }

LOOK what came in the mail!
~ Invitations ~

I know there is going to be one happy bride-to-be!
on their sixth anniversary!
How bittersweet  ;0)

Enjoy your day!


{ The Real Deal }

So today was the "real deal"
the r-e-a-l photo shoot!

beautiful pictures inside and out

of a beautiful bride-to-be
at a beautiful place

Does it look familiar?
Want a hint?
"think television......."

the weather could not have been more perfect
nor the photographer
or the bridesmaid!!

Thank you ladies for spending your day with us
 to help create beautiful memories to last a lifetime!

oh and the sweet homemade bouquet we threw together ourselves

I so can't wait for you to see

Soon ~ very soon ;0)

Enjoy your day, we certainly did!



{ Impromptu Photo Shoot }

I hope y'all had a wonderful Easter!
We certainly did!!
We spent Easter weekend with Jared in NW Arkansas.  
As we refer to it here; "Hog Country".

We stayed at Inn at the Mill in Johnson and the grounds were just gorgeous!  
So we had a little "impromptu" photo shoot for an up coming wedding.

This is my favorite!  
They almost fell back into the water
so they started giggling and really began to "ham" it up!

Yep ~ NOT gonna happen!

They are too cute and I couldn't love them more!

The sign was made by Darline at The Back Porch Shoppe.  
She did an amazing job and we could not appreciate her more for her impeccable craftsmanship and attention to detail.  Thank you Darline!!

Enjoy your day!


{ Easter Blessings }

Many blessings to you for a wonderful Easter!

Enjoy your day,


{ Easter Inspiration }

I have been inspired 
by all the beautiful Easter eggs that I am finding on the Internet

So I recently purchased some wooden eggs and modge podge
to go with some beautiful napkins that a friend gave me awhile back

I'll see what I can do with them and let you know how it goes

Hopefully something equally as lovely will transpire!

Happy crafting
and enjoy your day!