Red and White Cookies

Merry Christmas,



Checking My List....

Have you mailed your Christmas cards yet?

Still sending and receiving
I just love Christmas!

Merry Christmas!


Pumpkin Cream Tarts

with Candied Cranberries

Merry Christmas,


Thinking of you

I just wanted to pop in and say "hi"

I've been a little busy decorating
and filling christmas orders....

but wanted you to know you are being thought of ;0)

Enjoy your day,


Pink Christmas Decor

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

I survived my food coma
and now
the decorating begins!

happy pink saturday!



wishing you....

many blessings
for a warm and cozy Thanksgiving!

Enjoy your day!



An Apple a Day....

I love apples

They are fresh and simple

beautiful indoors or out

versatile and elegant

and fun to cook with

any way you slice them.

Yes I love me some apples!

Enjoy your day,


Pink Saturday #38

5 more days....
and the Holiday baking begins

Cranberry Tart

Frozen Raspberry layerd cake

Chambord cake

happy pink Saturday,


joining Beverly at How Sweet the Sound


A Second Glance

Well yesterday was a typical Sunday
right up until the time church started.

After Sunday school darling hubby promised to save a seat
as I finished gabbing with my fellow teacher friends.
As I entered the church and headed to the same location we have been sitting in for more than 15 years he was no where to be found.
I stopped still in my tracks.
This is where we always sit.
Where could he be?
Who could he be talking to?
I thought I lost him.

And there he was half way across the church on the otherside.
me - what are you doing over here?
dh - this is where we are sitting
me- why? we sit over there
dh - not today there's no room
me - well huff!
dh - you can't hear over here?
me - I suppose
(giggles were exchanged)

Is there anyone else out there that has their own seating area?
Am I alone here?
I'm such a creature of habit

So church begins and I'm still a little disorientated
but as always I love to people watch.
NOW I know there has to be someone with me on this one!
If you go to my church
and you have a new haircut or a new pair of shoes
I am bound to notice.
Yep I am "one of those"
It's hereditary ~ my father's side (ha)

I listen, I pay attention, I promise.
Because sure as the world someone will ask me something
and I sure would have hated to miss it ;0)

Well it wasn't before long darling hubby noticed my head is no longer turning ~ it was stuck;
fixated in one spot
dh - what are you looking at?
me - him
dh - him who?
me - I think that is Sylvestor Stallones double
dh - WHAT?
me - Sylvestor Stallone.  Doesn't that look just like him?
dh - No.  No that is not Sylvestor Stallone
me - well it could be
dh - maybe 20 years ago
me - he must be new
dh - no he's not new, you just don't sit over here

hummm, so my hamster cage is spinning
what else have I been missing?

Thirty minutes pass
the homily is over
communion is recieved
and there are hymns being sung

dh - now what are you looking at?
me - him
dh - him again?
me - I think his sweater is wrong side out
dh - we are not sitting over here again!

Yep a typical Sunday at Church

So does Sly go to your Church?

Enjoy your day!


Date Night

We just saw the cutest movie
with Rachel McAdams, Harrison Ford and Diane Keaton

Diane Keaton just cracks me up!
She's adorable!!

If you get the opportunity to see it
you're sure to get in a few giggles.

Happy Pink Saturday!



First Impressions

I ♥ Halloween
and nothing makes a better first impression
when visitors come to visit
than a nice Halloween wreath

Some lovely eyecandy in blogland

grandin road

Oh yes
It is all about first impressions

Have a wonderful Halloween!


Joining my friends at How Sweet the Sound
for another fun Pink Saturday


Halloween Countdown

Are you ready?

Have you picked your pumpkin yet?

A little Halloween Fairy
has been busy all week decorating

As soon as I knock the pixie dust off
I will post some pictures ;0)

Have a pink week!



Etsy Love and a Giveaway!

I ♥ etsy
There is so much talent displayed there
and I just love it all.

One of my most recent treasures
is this adorable little journal I found at
Michelle Palmer's etsy store

Her work is amazing
and I am always excited to see what she comes up with next

I am also working on a challenge project
that I am so looking forward to incorporating this cutie-patootie in

Doesn't he just scream "happy"!

To celebrate her 700th sale on etsy
Michelle is having a giveaway on her blog

SEVEN lucky winners
will receive one of her lovely little treasures.
Handmade and an original by her!

Of course I am hoping to be one of the lucky seven
but that gives you six more chances (*wink)

Hop on over to her lovely blog
and sign up for a chance to win!

See you there ;0)

*images are copywrited by Michelle Palmer


Project Inspirations

So I have a bee in my bonnet
and I have been working on a project

In which I have been truly inspired by these

So can you guess what it is?

Have a pink week!


participating in pink saturday


Pink Saturday and a Field Trip in Blogland

I love the color pink
and I so enjoy Pink Saturday
with Beverly

This Saturday I would like to share with you
this amazing blog I happened across
that is pink just about every day

Now how sweet is this tiny Victorian Cabin
in the woods?

~ sigh ~

Be sure to go by and pay her a visit
you won't be disapointed!

Have a pink week!


photos by Trevor Tondro, property of Sandy Foster


It's Never Easy to Say Goodbye

Heaven gained a very beautiful and talented quilter today.
A sweet friend of ours
that will be dearly missed.

Her sweet disposition,
her pleasant smile
her funny little stories
and her gift to make beautiful quilts

May God comfort those that loved her.

So long for now sweet Sarah



Pink Saturday #33


A little Fall yummy goodness

Happy Pink Saturday!



"I Do" Love Fall

Oh Yes
all is well in TV Land

well this week, anyway

Christina and Owen said "I Do" on Greys

And Violet and Pete follow
right along on Private Practice

Oh yes
I so love me some Fall television!

have a great day ;0)


photos from abc.com