It's Never Easy to Say Goodbye

Heaven gained a very beautiful and talented quilter today.
A sweet friend of ours
that will be dearly missed.

Her sweet disposition,
her pleasant smile
her funny little stories
and her gift to make beautiful quilts

May God comfort those that loved her.

So long for now sweet Sarah



Pink Saturday #33


A little Fall yummy goodness

Happy Pink Saturday!



"I Do" Love Fall

Oh Yes
all is well in TV Land

well this week, anyway

Christina and Owen said "I Do" on Greys

And Violet and Pete follow
right along on Private Practice

Oh yes
I so love me some Fall television!

have a great day ;0)


photos from abc.com


Screaming Cute!

I so love Halloween!

Not so much the gruesome, scary kind
but the happy, vintage, light hearted, cute kind.

I'm also addicted to Jane's Flora Doora's

~ sigh ~

I just noticed this darling-to-cute-for-words
flora doora on her blog
and I couldn't help myself ;0)

Hands off ladies
she's all mine

but there are plenty more lovelies
over in her etsy shop

But hurry
I'm known to shop there often ;0)

happy shopping,


photo snatched politely borrowed from Jane


Pink Saturday #32

A little Fall planting

Happy Pink Saturday!



A Day of Remembrance

Today my darling sweet hubby and I
celebrate 11 years of marriage

It all started when a mutual friend
passed a note to a some-what shy boy and said
"call this girl and ask her out"

He did and the girl said "yes"

Each day still feels like our first date
I still get butterflies in my stomach when he walks into a room
and feel strength when he holds my hand

He never forgets a birthday or anniversary
is a wonderful father, provider and best friend

He always spoils me with flowers, little notes of love
 and sweet little gifts
for no reason at all

I am truly blessed and honored to be his wife
~ forever ~

Although September 11th is a day of celebration for us
we will always remember how we spent our second anniversary
praying for those less fortunate

we will never forget

we will always pray

we will always remember those that were lost

and we will always feel blessed

Thank you sweet boy for calling ME!


participating and remembering with my other pink friends



Pink Saturday #29

Not to far from my home
is this charming little Antique store
that I like to stalk visit often

This week to my pleasant surprise
was this adorable pink ride
posey's and all

She must have known I was coming ;0)



Wordless Wednesday #15

and September 1st!