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Wordless Wednesday #10

Back from my retreat and fun was had by all!

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Wordless Wednesday #9

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Off to a quilt retreat!
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Wordless Wednesday #8

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A Design Dilemma

As I mentioned in a previous post we have been in the process of converting our garage (aka Storage Pod) into a quilt studio.  There is just no room left for me in the house, especially if I would like my family to remain living here.  I am down to my last decision and I need help.

It's this ~

My dads trophy cabinet. 

Now for some brief history....My dad was an avid archer; something he enjoyed very much and was very good at.  This represents just a few of his trophies.  I am not sure where the others ended up but this is what I have left.  After my dad passed away in 1987 my mother had this cabinet made for him.  It has been in pretty much every room of the house except for the kitchen and now it is in the garage.  The trophies are not in very good shape and I have to be careful when dusting.

My problem ~ do I keep it?  Paint it?  Add more shelves?  Leave it in the studio?  Pitch it?  I am very sentimental and don't like being wasteful but I'm in a quandary over this cabinet.  The only access to the inside of the cabinet is through the narrow doors on the side.  The front is solid glass.

Realistically my dad never knew of this cabinet but there is not one other place it will fit; it stays in the studio or goes.  My daughter says pitch it so she doesn't have to later.  My dear sweet hubby won't answer me because he doesn't want to be the fall guy when three months down the road I have a panic attack and say "why did you make me throw it away"? 

Some dear friends have suggested boxing up the trophies and using it for fabric storage.  I would like to know what you think.  Should I be green, recycle, reuse or pitch it, donate or giveaway?  Help put an end to my misery!

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I am open to all suggestions.  Please feel free to leave me a comment or you may just vote in my sidebar.

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Pink Saturday and playing Dress Up!

Valentines Day is just around the corner.  I think a new dress is an order!

What will you be wearing?

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It's Cold Outside!

Warm Cocoa anyone?

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A Dining Room with a touch of Christmas!

I have had numerous inquiries about my Christmas tree I keep in the dining room year round.  So here it is......

It is a 7 1/2 ft artificial tree that was on clearance at Hobby Lobby that I bought about 5 years ago.  There is not much room at all in the dining room as I mentioned in a previous post and I thought it would look just adorable in the corner.

I purchased a lot of beaded fruit, mostly red and some glass blown gold and red fish to go on it.  Now I don't know what I was thinking or where the idea came from but I "wired" all the ornaments on.  Yes, I said "wired".  I'm not sure what was going through my mind that day but I am sure at the time it was a "great" idea.  Therefore, it stays up ~ year-round.

I love it and it makes me happy!



Wordless Wednesday #7

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The Last day of Christmas

As the last day of Christmas comes to an end I always feel sad.  I'm sad that Christmas is just about over; that the tree and decorations come down.  That my beautiful Christmas dishes go away for 11 more months, the stockings are packed away with our New Year's resolutions in them and my christmas cd's go back on the shelf.

Although this Christmas has been a little out of the ordinary I feel truly blessed with the love of family and friends.  My dear sweet hubby finally made it back home; my darling father in-law's health has greatly improved, my new heater is on it's way ;)

the boy made it home!

Well he's not our boy but it feels like it.  My daughter's cute and adorable boyfriend returned home from basic training.

So yes-sir-ee, life is good!  So although the tree in the living room goes back to the attic I still admire the one that stays up year round in the dining room.  And even if the christmas dishes are on the top shelf I can always get a climpse of them daily when I reach for the every day dishes.  Just because the calendar says Christmas won't be back until December I can always manage to keep it in my heart and in my home year round!

Merry Christmas!

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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year dear friends!  I look forward to another year of reading your posts, comments and sharing the everyday whimsys of my life with you!

Many blessings,