Decisions, decisions

We have been in the process of updating our "lighting" situation in our home in two phases. The first phase we replaced the old fluorescent light fixture in the kitchen that wasn't even centered and installed recessed lighting. It has been wonderful! We did numerous other small changes as well but that was the major change. In phase two we will do recessed lighting in the living room (if hubby doesn't change his mind again) and various other electrical type things around the house. But my dining room is yearning for a new light fixture and I am simply in love with this chandelier from Pottery Barn and have been eyeing it for some time. So you ask "what is the problem", well the problem is me, it's always me. I tend to over think things and I tend to like things much larger in scale; not necessarily in the price range because I can be rather frugal but in size. Like our dining room furniture for example.

My oldest daughter was moving into her first apartment and she needed a small table and chairs for her kitchen area and I thought nothing of it to offer her mine without giving second thought as to where the rest of the family would share their meals. So off we go to find the perfect replacement and I fell in love with this very nice pine table that seats six. Of course there was a beautiful china cabinet to match that could not be abandoned. So here we go, problem solved. Never once did I think about measuring the room, after all there was already a table that seated six and a china cabinet in the room so I didn't think anything about it until it was delivered. Do you see where I'm going with this? To save myself further embarrassment lets just say it's beautiful and fits nicely into my SMALL dining room.

So I have measured and remeasured the area to the dimensions that this lovely chandelier is and I think it will fit. It is ever so slightly larger than the one I have (of course) but I just can't decide. So do I say "what the hay" and be consistent with my large scale of a dining room, because lets face it, the table is not getting any smaller or do I shop some more? Please help end this agony (LOL).

Shopping with you,


  1. Sharon it's gorgeous!
    I adore anything from PB and the shape is so pretty.

    It doesn't look too large to me.
    Show us pics if you get it okay.

    Have a wonderful evening.
    ~Melissa :)

  2. Sharon,
    I bet we all have brought home something a bit out of scale, but usually it is not that noticeable except to us. I am lucky; because I can use the excuse I bought it for my old house …hey whatever works. The light fixture is very pretty, it has an interesting shape. Cathy

  3. The fixture is beautiful! I fight the same problem with scale and just end up going with what I like. Blessings ~ Letitia

  4. Sharon, I too drool over that light fixture!! It's really pretty. I guess there is some rule of thumb about deciding the size of a chandelier...but I don't know the rule. :) I like bigger ones. When they are too small it looks strange to me.


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