Memorial Day

May your Memorial Day be




and fun....

But most of all ~
filled with memories

that are important.

Enjoy your day!



A Pink Saturday Celebration!

It's a very special day for sweet Beverly
over at

Today is the second Anniversary of
Pink Saturday

Although I have only been participating for less than a year
I have had the best time and have seen some incredible blogs!

I would like to share with you again
some of my favorite Pink Saturday posts.

I just love parties don't you!

Please be sure to stop by and wish our lovely party hostess
sweet Beverly
a very happy Pink Saturday

Happy Pink Saturday!



Cake Anyone?

It's  strawberry  season

 Can you say "Yum"?

I just love strawberries!  I am always excited when they are in season.  When the girls were little we would take a little field trip to the local orchard to pick them.  It was always interesting to see how many actually made it in the basket.  Of course there were never any confessions to the strawberry splotches on the backs of their shirts because someone would yell "food fight" or the strawberry stains around their little lips :0)

Please be sure to stop by and visit Beverly and my pink friends at

Happy Pink Saturday!



Road Trip

I'm all packed and ready to go on my road trip
to see "Rock Star" Lynette Anderson

~ sigh ~

My quilting buddy and I have been counting the days.
A whole day under this awesome teachers influence

~ sigh ~

I sure hope I haven't forgotten anything :0)

Be back in a couple of days.

See you soon!


A Week in Review

Boy has it been a busy week

Lots going on
We did a lot and still lots to do

Here are the highlights

Max turned three
and took a road trip up the pig trail to see

Billie graduate
from the University of Arkansas

doesn't she have a cute fella

Then we packed her up and moved her out

and then said goodbye to the old place

I had a wonderful Mother's Day
with a special field trip to Chotkowski Peony Garden

We were in the area and was it ever a sight to see

Gay Paree ~ coming to my house this Fall

Peppermint ~ all sold out

Cherry Ruffles ~ coming to my house this Fall

What a great place!

It just has been the BEST week!

Now I'm off to pack for a girlfriend roadtrip.
We are going to see a Rock Star ~ Lynette Anderson

Have a wonderful Pink Saturday   :0)