A Day to Celebrate!

Today my sweet boy turns THREE

Many blessings to you my sweet boy!

I hope your day is filled with lots of fun

extra chewy treats

lots of petting

little scratches behind the ear

tummy rubs

and BIG adventures!

Happy Birthday Max!!

mom, dad and billie

wet kisses from
sally, sweet pea and cheddar


  1. Max, you are just a cutie pie!! I could just PINCH you and give you tons of kisses and hugs! Happy Birthday, little man. You are quite the character and such a poser!!

    much love,
    Becky, Duhgall and Fiona

  2. Very adorable little guy, hope his birthday is a fun one for him and you.

  3. He's adorable. Happy birthday little guy.

    Have to say - I'm curious. Why the diaper?

  4. Oh my goodness he is the most precious little sweetie I have ever seen. Love the diaper. Too cute! :)


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