{ We are Tickled Pink! }

Young love is so sweet
For close to six years they have been best friends

enjoying life

Growing together

completing college

setting goals

and loving each other!

HE asked
and SHE said YES!!

We are just tickled PINK!
We are so excited to have Jared as a son in-law!!

Congratulations Billie & Jared
for a beautiful life together
We love you both!!


{ On the Twelfth Day of Christmas }

Christmas comes to an end.

It is always bittersweet as things wind down.
Most of my friends have already packed their Christmas things away
and some are still celebrating

The one last thing that we try to do as a family
is write down our New Year's resolutions.
We seal them in an envelope 
and tuck them away into our Christmas stockings.

Then next Christmas 
we retrieve them along with the other goodies 
that have been left by Santa 
and see if we were able to accomplish a few goals.

Some are forgotten
Some are disappointment's
but for the most part
it is just a lot of fun!

Do you resolve to make changes or improvements
in the coming year?

Merry last day of Christmas
many blessings to you in the New Year!



{ On the Eleventh Day of Christmas }

Pardon my mess!
We seem to be experiencing some technical difficulty.

My blog background and header have runaway.
I have spent the entire day trying to figure it out.
I just hate being "blogger" challenged!

So please pardon my mess
until I can get this resolved
or find a more permanent solution.

Enjoy your day
Merry Christmas!



{ On the Tenth Day of Christmas }

So after spending the morning at the church
doing a little volunteer work
I met up with an old friend for coffee.

It was wonderful sitting there,
catching up, 
planning vacations,
blowing caution to the wind
ignoring our responsibilities,


we realized four hours had passed,
the family would be home soon
and dinner must get started.

We scattered like wild Indian's
running in our separate directions
to beat everyone home to look busy
and be none the wiser.

Yes, a fun, sneaky, lazy girls day out!

Life is good!

Merry Christmas,


{ On the Ninth Day of Christmas }

Date night 

War Horse

I love happy endings
but for the love of Pete, take Kleenex!!

and pass the popcorn please ;0)

Merry Christmas,


{ On the Eighth Day of Christmas }

Many blessings to you for a wonderful New Year!

Happy 2012
Merry Christmas,