{ Sunday's Paper }

Yesterday's paper reported that we had a wedding
and boy did we ever!

The day was perfect
the bride was stunningly gorgeous
the groom ecstatically handsome

and both sets of parents could not be more proud!

Our home is still running over with company
and we are still enjoying every moment 
we possibly can.  

More pictures to follow!

Proud momma of the Bride


{ A Blogging Break }

Okay, maybe not a "break" 
but just a little "nap" ;0)

Family and friends are beginning to arrive! 

As our homes and local hotels begin to fill with loved ones 
who have traveled so far to share this very special day with us, 
I'm going to take a little posting break.

To visit, catch up and share some quality "family" time.

To assist my darling daughter with anything
she may need.

To breath....
take deep breaths and enjoy every moment!

Moments of a lifetime only happen once
and I plan on savoring every moment ;0)



{ June Brides }

"Oh, they say when you marry in June,
You're a bride all your life.
And the bridegroom who marries in June
Gets a sweetheart for a wife."

Billie & Jared Meagan & Justin

Oh I think these two young men would have to agree!

Brothers in love
with weddings just six days apart

This weekend as Justin and Meagan begin their lives together
we want to wish them all the best 
for many happy years filled with loving memories!

Enjoy your day!