I'll be back....

I'm off to say good bye to an old friend.  I'll be back soon.....



Pink Saturday and a Room Re-do

After being snowed in for a bit and now the warmer temperatures
I'm feeling like a room re-do may be in order.

But where to begin.....



Love is in the Air

Happy Pink Saturday and Happy Valentine's Day!



Do You Yo-Yo?

The 2008 HGTV Dream Home in Islamorada, Flordia was simply mouth watering for me.  There was not much about this house that I remember not liking.

The beautiful kitchen with sand-colored countertops and the creamy white cabinets - oh I so could cook here.

The comfy living room

with a view to die for!

The beach-cottage feel of the master bedroom

Oh and the second floor porch!

Yes.  I could see myself spending many hours out here sewing.  Oh heck, I would just push my machine right out here and breathe the fresh air of the salt water.

But it was this......

the tropical themed guest bedroom that caught my eye.

No it wasn't the lime green wall color or  the shell prints;

nor was it this sweet chair tucked in the corner under the window that was guaranteed a breath taking view.

Nor was it this sweet retreat that would give bubble baths a whole new meaning.

It was THIS

The yo-yo quilt!

This quilt took my breath away!  All those lovely colors just pop right off of that classic black.

So where did it come from?
Who makes this lovely 1920's reproduction eye candy of a quilt? 
Is it affordable?

It is their beautiful "rosette quilt" that took my breath away and has inspired me to never forget how lovely this would look in my guest bedroom.  Well if I had one. 

Affordable?  Well for some but being the quilter I am; I have myself convinced that I can make this for far less than $750.

So at my recent quilt retreat with my dear girlfriends it became the "breakfast" conversation.  One of the girls sat and made yo-yo's as we enjoyed our morning cup of joe gazing out at the lake and then it began; "oh let me tell you about this quilt I once saw" I said to her, and the "challenge" began.

So for the next twelve months we challenged one another to see who could make the most yo-yo's. 

The first Saturday of each month when we all get together we will keep a chart of our progress; promising to encourage each other that we too can have our very own "lovely" to pet and look at for a life time.  To be brave and daring!

A simple little mindless sewing as we watch television, waiting at the airport or enduring long road trips (as a passenger of course).  We should in no time have about 2000 of these sweet little puppies made to assemble our own kaleidoscope of color.

So my question to you is ~ "do you yo-yo?"
"Are you brave and daring?"
"Are you up to the challenge?"

If so please feel free to join along with us as we are sure to be making an adventure of a lifetime.  There are promises of fabric flying, needle pricks, words rolling off our tongues and hair pulling.  NOT from each other; but me.  I'm competitive and I want this quilt BAD!

So at the end of twelve months I will either "a" have a beautiful yo-yo quilt to share with you or "b" I will be a neurotic mess, with bandaged fingers, a glazed look in my eyes and hair that looks like the rats had a mariachi band stroll through it.  My dear sweet hubby will be ready to have me committed and yelling "why didn't you just buy the dumb quilt!". 

Yep; the next twelve months are guaranteed to be adventurous!
So come along; let's play.  Make some yo-yo's for a project of your choice; be brave & daring!!

Dressing for combat and ready to get my yo-yo on!