{ A Blogging Break }

Okay, maybe not a "break" 
but just a little "nap" ;0)

Family and friends are beginning to arrive! 

As our homes and local hotels begin to fill with loved ones 
who have traveled so far to share this very special day with us, 
I'm going to take a little posting break.

To visit, catch up and share some quality "family" time.

To assist my darling daughter with anything
she may need.

To breath....
take deep breaths and enjoy every moment!

Moments of a lifetime only happen once
and I plan on savoring every moment ;0)



  1. Congratulations and enjoy. You are right, precious moments and memories. Hugs, Marty

  2. A joyful celebration! Congratulations to all~ wishing you the fondest of memories and happiness for always :)


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