Two Men and a Bucket

We had quit the storms here on Friday that left trees dropping left and right. There were no tornado's reported in the area but when the wind is whipping at 8o mph what is the difference.
My husband and I have been working like mad people in the yard every weekend and every spare minute to get ahead of the game before the heat sets in. But that was nothing compared to what we came home to; a complete major setback. Limbs and debre everywhere. The house had trash all over it, all my potted plants were de-potted (is that a word? Is now) and the yard....well lets say it looks as if no one lived here in five years. We were truly blessed with no more than a huge mess to contend with and a large broken limb stuck in the top of a tree. Others were less fortunate with major property damage. There were four trees down on my street alone. So Saturday in the 90 degree temperatures with no electricity going on hour 20 we started all over. So today when my husband gets home from work he will get a surprise from someone who loves him......(that would be me)

and with the help of two men in a bucket!

a little technical difficulty when getting down.......

they got a little tangled up in another tree so that got trimmed.

So after thirty minutes, $350 later we have a limb removed, a clean yard and a soon to be very happy husband!

My treat other than the happy husband?

my grandmother's flowers that I brought back from upstate New York are all in one piece ;) This is truly tree triming at its best.

One happy camper!



  1. WOW!!!! well, at least you got it all cleaned up!
    :) Hugs. karen

  2. Oh Sharon I'm so sorry to hear this. How scary!
    Tornado weather frightens me. Yikes!

    ~Good luck on all the clean-up efforts.
    It's looking beautiful!

  3. I'm so glad nothing fell on your house and damaged it. That's my worst fear with storms like that.

    I'd be happy to put the tricycle picture on Etsy for you - email me at parkwoodcottage@mchsi.com and let me know what size and if you'd like a mat.



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