Under Construction.....

...and EXHAUSTED! 

But very much missing my bloggy friends!

It seems as if my dreams of a quilt studio are happening very fast.  It was rather a very quick and spontaneous decision but once made we jumped in quickly.  In the midst of it all my darling sweet husband broke his hand - ouuuch!  Therefore I have been working "twice" as hard.  With the loving support of my family and dear friends we are just about there.

To maintain some type of normalcy we still decorated for Thanksgiving and the Christmas tree is up, but yes, (head hanging low) there is still a pumpkin on the front porch :(  Well I didn't say it was a "perfect" normalcy and for those that know me REAL well would probably say that was normal.

So even though I haven't posted much or been by for visits I am still very much thinking of you (and wishing you all were here to help - ha).  I've been taking pictures and hopefully will be able to share with you visually this ADVENTUROUS experience.

Missing you much!

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  1. Good luck with the quilt shop. Dreams coming true are always the best! Don't feel bad about the pumpkin, just put some lights on it and and your good to go! Merry Christmas!


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