Maintaining the Christmas Spirit!

Sometimes staying positive, whether through the holidays or not can be like an areobic workout (something I don't do often enough).  From time to time we can get caught up in the moment of "negative" thoughts and before you know it all you hear is ranting.  I've made it a rule here at home that if you choose to rant you must say three positive things.  I don't always get my way, but I can say it enough that silence generally follows.

As the holidays have come and gone so quickly and as we go through these twelve days of Christmas I look back and reflect on some of the negative and what we have and how we are truly blessed.

The Negative - my fear of writing!  Not saying the right thing, using the right words, or my fifth grade teacher leaving a comment that my sentences were not grammatically correct.

The Positive - Well after 80 posts I have not heard a peep from her! I have read thousands of posts that have made me laugh till my sides hurt, cried for the lose of your loved ones, have been truly inspired and made new and wonderful friends.

The Negative - earlier this year, due to the economy I lost my job.

The Positive - I have maintained my sanity and my family has not, as of yet,  hung me out to dry.  At the strong and heartfelt encourage of a dear friend that has always, Always, ALWAYS encouraged my creative side, I started my own business of my dear passion - quilting.

The Negative - Thinking my husband might not be so supportive of my wild-haired idea I sent him away to his parents for a week so I could start the process.

The Positive - "I need you honey - please come home"; and he did!  He has been in my cheering section from the get go!

The Negative - The garage conversion.  A night mare in itself.  Not one more treasure could possibly fit in that 19 x 20 space!  But that was where my new studio would go.  It was the "PLAN".

The Positive - Dear sweet hubby spent all his available moments helping me sort, pitch and repack until.....

The Negative - he broke his hand!   Uugghhh!

The Positive - Dear, sweet, wonderful friends and family chipped in and helped and we met our deadline.  The business began operation right on schedule!!

The Negative - Within days my darling Father inlaw was in a car accident coming from a visit with mom at the nursing home.

The Positive - he was alright; a few bruises and would be released in a day or two.

The Negative - he developed pneumonia and it all became very serious.  My sweet husband left in a heartbeat when the doctor called the family in.  Dad was now on a ventilator.

The Positive - My husband made it to his side and Dad began improving.  He spent four days off of the ventilator and things were looking up.

The Negative - the heater is trying to die - uugghh!

The Positive - I'm not cold yet!

The Negative - we were apart for Christmas....

The Positive - That's OKAY!  Although we were not geographically located in the same state or same time zone for that matter; we were together in love and spirit.  He is exactly where he needs to be.  I managed to catch up on some of my blog reading.  I've missed that!  You all have been so busy too!!

The Negative - my sweet 8 year old puppy got in a fight with some bob wire and lost!

The Positive - After an emergency visit (and costly fee) and a ton of stitches she will be allright.  She is getting a lot of love from us and attention from Max.  She will be okay!

The Negative - Dad took a turn for the worse today and is back on the ventilator.

The Positive - I believe in the power of prayer!!  This too shall pass.  We've been promised that and I believe that.  I believe in the spirit of Christmas!  I am truly blessed with a wonderful family and some amazing friends.  God IS GOOD!  Maintaining my Christmas spirit with YOU!

Merry Christmas!

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  1. I've learned in life that if you don't look at the proverbial glass as half-full, then you may as well empty it out. Because one will always be unhappy otherwise. Wonderful inspiration here you've written! And good luck on your new venture. I love to quilt. But I had a car accident in 1998 and subsequent hand surgeries that caused arthritis. But I do cherish the quilts I made prior to that.


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