A Design Dilemma

As I mentioned in a previous post we have been in the process of converting our garage (aka Storage Pod) into a quilt studio.  There is just no room left for me in the house, especially if I would like my family to remain living here.  I am down to my last decision and I need help.

It's this ~

My dads trophy cabinet. 

Now for some brief history....My dad was an avid archer; something he enjoyed very much and was very good at.  This represents just a few of his trophies.  I am not sure where the others ended up but this is what I have left.  After my dad passed away in 1987 my mother had this cabinet made for him.  It has been in pretty much every room of the house except for the kitchen and now it is in the garage.  The trophies are not in very good shape and I have to be careful when dusting.

My problem ~ do I keep it?  Paint it?  Add more shelves?  Leave it in the studio?  Pitch it?  I am very sentimental and don't like being wasteful but I'm in a quandary over this cabinet.  The only access to the inside of the cabinet is through the narrow doors on the side.  The front is solid glass.

Realistically my dad never knew of this cabinet but there is not one other place it will fit; it stays in the studio or goes.  My daughter says pitch it so she doesn't have to later.  My dear sweet hubby won't answer me because he doesn't want to be the fall guy when three months down the road I have a panic attack and say "why did you make me throw it away"? 

Some dear friends have suggested boxing up the trophies and using it for fabric storage.  I would like to know what you think.  Should I be green, recycle, reuse or pitch it, donate or giveaway?  Help put an end to my misery!

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I am open to all suggestions.  Please feel free to leave me a comment or you may just vote in my sidebar.

Thanks so much!


  1. This would be a great piece painted and backed with wallpaper or old pages of books, some additional shelving and you would have tons of room for craft supplies, show casing your pretties, fabric and such. The trophies definately need packed away- I had some that I packed away also. Too bad none of there where loving cups as they are wonderful for storing and displaying things in too.

    A craft room - how fun for you!!!


  2. I think that maybe you should box away the trophies, but maybe keep one out that you like for remembering your Dad.

    I would then paint the unit and store fabric in it. It would look so cute with rolls or reams of fabric on top of each other in a mix and match patterns and colours type style...

    But that is just what I think.

  3. Sharon...I know your dilemma. I'm an only child and everything has a memory. If the thought of it being gone gives you a rumbly in the tummy... Take a pic of the trophies and then box em up. Hang the photo inside the case. The trophies are the memory not the cabinet. Have fun redesigning the new unit. Treat it as a big scrapbook page and decoupage your Dad, his trophies, and other family memories on the inside walls.
    Just a thought.
    ....Friends stitched together by embroidery threads.....

  4. First off, your husband is a smart man for letting you decide the final - it's safer that way! This is a tough call. I think I would pack all the trophies away except for one and redesign the cabinet to suit your hobby needs. In the end, do what YOU feel is best - you'll know what to do!

  5. I like melody's idea. I too am the only child and when my dad passed away in OCtober I was left with everything. Which is now in my basement. I can't bear to get rid of anything and not sure if I ever will. Luckily i have a good hubz who is patient and understanding. Use the cabinet for what you need and keep the trophies safe elsewhere.

  6. I'd say use it. Using stuff that reminds you of someone is so much better than just staring at it. I would take out the front glass. Paint it add in some shelves and you would have a great storage hutch. As for the trophies I would single out a few that mean the most to you and display them somewhere nice and either find a creative use for the others or give them away. Maybe to a school to give out as prices. If letting them go is difficult you could make photographs of them all and make a special book about your dad and his trophies. That way the memories are there but they collect a whole lot less dust.
    Just my two cents. Good luck on the garage makeover, must be great to get a quilting studio.

  7. It looks like a great storage piece so I would paint it and use it as such if there's room.


  8. I agree with Marianne. I'd add shelves and paint it.

  9. As a person at the end of a long line of hoarders...Listen to your daughter. I helped my mother and aunt clean out grandma's house. When her mother died, she took in most of the contents of that house. When grandma Nana moved to town, she took in the contents of that house. When her sister died, she took in the contents of that house. So what did my aunt do with her mother's things? Yep. Took them home and filled her garage. I know what horrors await my cousin.

    If you love the piece and can truly use it or repurpose it. Keep it. If it will be a hassle to use or remodel. Release it into the world where someone will love it. Only keep that which brings you joy.

    Oh, and I agree to box the trophies. Another option is to unscrew the trophy part and just keep the bases. You can cover them with cloth or paper and have a decorative weight.

    just my two cents.

  10. keep it. paint it. and box away the trophies... except for maybe one or two - that can be kept out on your main craft desk.

    i wonder if you can remove the main glass and just add in shelves for easier access?

  11. Boy oh boy!!! What a tuff decision you have to make. I would probably paint it.

    My dad made a cabinet and my sister has it. I would die if she gave it away. I would be O.K. with painting.

    Thanks for stopping by. Come back anytime.

    I'm having a party on Thursday's now "get your craft on" and I would love for you to link up.

  12. We have a similar problem at our house. So much stuff and nowhere to put it!

  13. I am an only child and when my dad passed away in 2005 and my mother in 2007, I inherited all there stuff....my mom was a pack rat, as am I!
    I am still going through their stuff. One thing that I say to myself is: "this is mom and dad's
    stuff, this is not mom and dad. If I get rid of it, I am not getting rid of them or their memory. They don't expect me to keep it all". I don't expect my daughter to keep it all, I am sure they felt the same way. Now, back to the keep or not keep, I like the idea of one comment, take pics of the trophies and do an album of your dad. Think "outside the box" on the cabinet. Paint, leave the same, put shelves inside, maybe glass shelves. Painted white with shelves, if your bath is large enough, it would be great for towels etc. or donate to an auction for charity in your father's name. good luck!

  14. I think the piece has great storage potential. I agree that you need to remove the glass from the front to get good acess to it. Maybe your hubby could make the front part a hinged door instead. But for ideas to use it:
    hmmm display all your quilting fabric on shelves would be colorful and fun.
    If you use ribbon you could put some dowels in there and hang ribbon rolls on it - again colorful.
    Or you could put all your quilting books in there like a bookcase.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog- tammy

  15. I'm with Marianne, repurpose it. It would look great with the front glass removed, shelves added. Maybe then one of your kids would cherish it when they inherit it. It would be more useable. Thank you for visiting junkblossoms. I hope you'll visit again soon.

  16. Hmmm...do you want to keep the cabinet? Does it hold sentimental value for you because it was from your mom? (I mean, I know it's because it has your dad's trophies in it too, but are you fond enough of the cabinet to repurpose it to suit your quilting studio's needs?) I wouldn't be able to pitch it. But I am a pack rat! I really like a lot of the suggestions to paint it and remove the glass...you could transform. Maybe to become YOUR trophy case for all the amazing quilts you make that certainly should be award winners!

  17. Oh my this is a hard one. I'm sentimental about some things but I wouldn't be about trophies I don't think. But I don't know. I'm very sentimental about my dad. This is a hard one. I can relate. It is hard to know what to keep, what to reuse and what to throw.

  18. I think you should keep it, if you can outfit it with shelves or something for storage. I love having furniture that is meaningful and useful! thanks for linking up!

  19. I would keep it exactly as it is for another 6 months or a year. Then revisit the idea of repurposing it... I would not do it until there is no question in your mind that it is time. I have slowly let go of my grandparents belongings that way, and have not gotten rid of anything until it was time - (that time being I KNEW it was ok to let go) and have had no regrets this way.

  20. I would pack away the trophies - remove the front glass - add shelves and use it for storage. Oak is near and dear to my heart so I totally say - don't paint it - the wood is beautiful.

  21. Your husband is a brilliant man! How funny!

    I agree with your friends who say use it for fabric. You might have to add shelves for that? And yes, paint is always a great idea!!


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