A Second Glance

Well yesterday was a typical Sunday
right up until the time church started.

After Sunday school darling hubby promised to save a seat
as I finished gabbing with my fellow teacher friends.
As I entered the church and headed to the same location we have been sitting in for more than 15 years he was no where to be found.
I stopped still in my tracks.
This is where we always sit.
Where could he be?
Who could he be talking to?
I thought I lost him.

And there he was half way across the church on the otherside.
me - what are you doing over here?
dh - this is where we are sitting
me- why? we sit over there
dh - not today there's no room
me - well huff!
dh - you can't hear over here?
me - I suppose
(giggles were exchanged)

Is there anyone else out there that has their own seating area?
Am I alone here?
I'm such a creature of habit

So church begins and I'm still a little disorientated
but as always I love to people watch.
NOW I know there has to be someone with me on this one!
If you go to my church
and you have a new haircut or a new pair of shoes
I am bound to notice.
Yep I am "one of those"
It's hereditary ~ my father's side (ha)

I listen, I pay attention, I promise.
Because sure as the world someone will ask me something
and I sure would have hated to miss it ;0)

Well it wasn't before long darling hubby noticed my head is no longer turning ~ it was stuck;
fixated in one spot
dh - what are you looking at?
me - him
dh - him who?
me - I think that is Sylvestor Stallones double
dh - WHAT?
me - Sylvestor Stallone.  Doesn't that look just like him?
dh - No.  No that is not Sylvestor Stallone
me - well it could be
dh - maybe 20 years ago
me - he must be new
dh - no he's not new, you just don't sit over here

hummm, so my hamster cage is spinning
what else have I been missing?

Thirty minutes pass
the homily is over
communion is recieved
and there are hymns being sung

dh - now what are you looking at?
me - him
dh - him again?
me - I think his sweater is wrong side out
dh - we are not sitting over here again!

Yep a typical Sunday at Church

So does Sly go to your Church?

Enjoy your day!


  1. That is really funny! Remind me to put my sweater right side out when we meet, lol.

  2. This is so funny Sharon! When I go to mass I must sit on the right side of the church towards the center. It just doesn't feel right to sit any where else and the few times I have had to do it was not comfortable at all. I have no idea why that is. I bet a lot of people feel that way. I know it's silly to care where I sit but I do :>)

  3. Very funny! I enjoyed reading your post!

    Flora Doora

  4. Haha, cute...I giggled out loud at this :)

  5. Too funny!!!!

    Hey back in 1984 I lived in Franklin, TN and Rhinestone was being filmed in town. I was working at restaurant and the store manager, Gary, had to go to the local bank to get cash for the day. He knew the family Sylvestor Stallone was staying with. He saw the Mrs and stopped to say hello and she told him Stallone was outside waiting in the car. So he got his money and left the bank and as he got outside here comes Sylvestor Stallone walking across the parking lot. Gary stopped him and said hello and shook his hand. Said Stallone was very nice. Later he said he felt like such a hillbilly and Stallone probably thought he was one. LOL

  6. Hello, I'm still making my Pink Saturday visits. Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving a sweet comment. Love your pink post! Shirl
    Shirls Rose Cottage

  7. This is funny..... I always sit in the same spot at church...but I've never seen Sly in our service..

  8. This was so funny! I've seen many "look alikes" in church and I have to admit I find it hard not to keep staring when I think it's someone famous!

  9. Hi Sharon,
    I'm visiting from Becky's blog. Love this "church story"! I laughed out loud...too funny! I definitely have my "regular" seat at church and it totally throws me off if I don't sit in it!

    The pillow that you had made for Becky is absolutely beautiful! She's such a sweetie and you gave her such a perfect gift!

    P.S. Nice to meet you! : )


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