Birthday #4

Happy Birthday Mom!

Today is my Mom's birthday and she would have been 66.

As far back as I can remember my mom always spent her birthday baking my birthday cake and making preparations for a birthday party that was guaranteed to be better than the last one. And every year she had the same story to tell of how she spent her 21st birthday in the hospital waiting on me. When I was little I didn't think much of it because I was always slow and often ran late (still do). When I was a teenager I interpreted that as I was probably an inconvenience to a mile stone birthday that she missed out on. As an adult and a mother myself it is all very clear; she would have loved nothing more than to have shared her special day with me but as it was we would always spread the celebration over two days.

It is so amazing to me that as moms (and dads as well) that we sacrifice so much and do so much for our children unconditionally and with out thinking.

She was my mentor, my educator, my protector, my friend and my guardian angel on this earth. She loved me unconditionally and without thought. So on this day, her day I spent it with good friends, eating birthday cake and doing the one thing she taught me to do very well and that was sew.

With loving thoughts of my mom Linda,

1943 ~ 1992



  1. A lovely tribute. July 24th would have been my Mom's birthday.

  2. What a sweet post Sharon. I think that it's comforting to do tihngs that remind us of our loved ones; it gives us a connection to them for that moment.


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