Birthday #3

Today our sweet little Salley celebrated her 8th birthday!

She has blessed us with 7 years and 9 months of wet kisses and late night yappy barks; tons of hole digging and dirt moving. She makes every attempt to ward of all evil and good being the furious schipperke that she is (not).

By day she can be found lounging with the girlfriends watching the day pass by

(pay no attention to the hole in the background; you won't get a confession)

And by night she turns into a Princess!

Happy Birthday my little furry friend!

Another happy day!



  1. Happy birthday to the sweet Salley! Hope you had lots of extra treats, and plenty of scratches behind the ears :-)

  2. Awww - happy birthday Salley :)

    Monday is Gizmo's 2nd anniversary with us - we're not 100% sure when his actual birthday is so we'll do something fun for him then. (Not sure what constitutes "fun" for a dog, but hey...)

    Thanks for coming my and visiting my photo blog - I'll have a new post on Another Day Today later this afternoon if all goes as planned. :)

  3. Happy Birthday from Honey Dew and Sampson, We hope it is filled with hugs, treats, kisses, treats, outings, and of course treats! (See a theme here?)

  4. Happy birthday, Salley. My dogs love parties. Maybe this weekend we'll have one for you. Thanks for visiting us. We love to show off for our blog friends.

  5. How cute! You mae me feel a little more appreciation for my big dog who threw up on the good rug this morning. We just love them no matter what, don't we?

  6. ~Happy Birthay to sweet Sally and your grandaughter! What a fun filled day you two had. I know she will have memories that last a lifetime of this day with Grandma.

    My hubby is from Dayton. He's an Ohio State graduate as well. It's a nice state full of wonderful people.

    Have a blessed weekend Sharon.
    ~Warmly, Melissa :)

    PS My favorite birthday cake is white cake with white icing. Yummy! Mine's the 5th of August.

  7. Thanks for stopping by my site. Happy b-day to your sweetie. (ps Freshwave is great for doggie smells too)

  8. She is so adorable!!!! See? This is why I'm glad I asked for the links. I get to see cute things!!! =)


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