Birthdays Galore!

July is a month of celebrating for my family. We have several birthdays that are all right together. This past Saturday my grandson celebrated his 1st birthday!

Tomorrow my grandaughter will turn "6"

Thursday ~ one of our sweet dogs will turn 8 (we celebrate theirs too)

Friday ~ I will be thinking of my mother as it would have been her 66th birthday

Saturday ~ is my birthday ;)

Sunday ~ our youngest niece will be turning 21!

Now that's a lot of cake to eat!!

I love birthdays, I love celebrating life and I love a good reason or any reason to have a party! I enjoy shopping for presents, wrapping them and watching them being ripped open (that's what small children do).

So with that being said I would love nothing more than if you would help me celebrate my 45th birthday! I'm thinking ~ a "Give away"!!

Send me a comment and let me know what was your favorite birthday and what is your favorite flavor of birthday cake.

Sunday morning I will draw one lucky winner and send YOU a present.....

one for you to keep and one for you to give away!!

Let the parties begin, again and again :)
Celebrating with you,


  1. Have a wonderful overdose of birthday sweets ... Happy blessings to all. TTFN ~Marydon

  2. My favorite birthday was this year. My hubby spent the whole day doing whatever I wanted! My favorite b-day cake is german chocolate. Especially since my kids hate it and there is more for me! Hope you have a wonderful birthday!

  3. Hmmmmm. My favorite birthday? Would have to be my 40th surprise party given by my PTA board. My Mom had been through 4 years of chemo - everyone knew her because I was the PTA President. I was so surprised as we walked into a local restaurant because there was a huge table full of all my friends. Then my friend Jeanne said "Look around." I looked around the table of about 20 gals and our school Principal. Then I looked again, and there at the very end of the table sitting by my friend Connie of "Connie Turned 50" is my Mom. She just gave me this small smile like "Yup! I'm here." Of course I started bawling. It was awesome. Connie had went and picked her up. She died the next September, so it was just the best birthday gift I could've asked for.
    That was nice to reminisce. Thank you for that.
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! Big hugs. Karen

    Big hugs. Karen

  4. Happy Birthday my friend!!

    I'm all about the chocolate cake :)

    One of my favorite birthdays was the year I turned 4. We had traveled across the country (from SC to AZ - what were my parents thinking??) to visit some friends and see the country. My birthday fell during the time we were in AZ, and the friends we were visiting made me a cake shaped like a 4. It was great :)

    I also got a pair of "Romper Stompers" that year - Mattel's attempt to break the ankles of children across America. Yikes!

    Have a wonderful time sweetie!

    Lisa @ Parkwood Cottage and/or Another Day Today

  5. Yeah Sharon! ~Happy 45th Birthday to you and all of the other family members! July is an exciting month for you all.

    My 44th is next month....Yikes! Time flies when we're having fun dosn't it?
    I have to say my sweet sixteen was amazing! A good friend coordinated a suprise party for me and it was huge and so wonderful. I was in complete shock! Loved it!

    Have a blessed day my friend.
    ~Melissa :)

  6. I think at my age, every year is my favorite birthday cause I am so happy to have made it another year. lol.
    Happy Birthday to you!!
    I came over from Karen's blog. (somedaysarediamonds)

  7. My favorite b'day was my 10th. I got a new bike with a glittery banana seat. I love white HOMEMADE cake with HOMEMADE butter cream icing! You're makin' me hungry.:)


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