Birthday Party #2

Today my little girlfriend turned "6"

We spent the afternoon together like two wild women on the loose!

When I picked her up she said "where are you taking me Grandma?" I was sure she already had her itinerary planned out so I was kind of taken back by the question. I replied with "well where would you like to go? We can go anywhere; shopping, for ice cream, the moon, Chicago...." After a brief pause she replies...."Let's not go to the moon today Grandma I want to be back by dinner; let's go to Chicago!"
Well we made a compromise and went to IHop ;) She loves pancakes!

After a little shopping and a whole lot of giggles the day could not be complete without some ice cream from the two story McDonald's

My day was completed with a big hug, a kiss and "I love you Grandma, thank you for a great day"

Oh my heart be still....but seriously ~ I'm going to need to call Jenny Craig by the end of the week!

156,000 calories later,


Ps: Don't forget my birthday give away this weekend! Send me a comment and tell which one of your birthdays was your favorite AND what is your favorite flavor of birthday cake


  1. oh gosh! I've had one of those days too! 157,000 calories! HA!

  2. Awwww...nothing like celebrating a wee birthday! And hey, sometimes you just gotta NOT watch your calories to live life! Lol!

  3. It looks like you had a wonderful time! Birthday calories don't count, you know :)

    You HAVE to do Twitter - I've had so much fun with it! And you know I'd be your first follower, 'cause you're always so supportive of my crazy adventures :)

    I wish you were closer, we could have so much fun (or get into a LOT of trouble) together!

    Have a great Thursday!


  4. Welcome to Dogs on Thursday. That looked like a fun filled day. Happy Birthday to your Grandaughter.


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