My Blog has gone to the Dogs!

It is hard to believe that it is Thursday already! I have been so busy going in many different directions that my days are all running together. You have days like those don't you? It has just occurred to me that my most recent posts have either been "food" related or "dog" related because of my participation in Magazine Mondays and Dogs on Thursdays. Well don't get the wrong idea and think all I have been doing is cooking, eating and petting puppies; I've actually managed to get a few other "To-Do's" taken care of. But first of all I want to share some pitiful news with you that happened this week.

Meet Sweet Pea

She is the sweetest little rat terrier that I adopted from the pound about 5 years ago. I said "I" because it was me; me alone. My husband was out of town and my family will tell you I can do some strange things when I am home alone and unsupervised. This time it was frequent visits to the pound. We already had three dogs but my heart strings were being pulled by this little one.

She was rather thin and scrawny,

and pretty scared

but we have managed to fatten her up (see the pudgy belly)

Well this week she chose to mis-behave and she is paying for it. We live in a somewhat rural area with 4 houses on our culdesac. It is very quiet during the day and we have no "fence" law and my girls stay in the yard (3 of them). An unfamiliar truck came down the street and she proceeded to let them know they didn't belong and was the victim of a fender to the booty. I was in the back of the house and I don't know who was screaming louder, Sweet Pea or the lady that hit her. I think Sweet Pea was in shock and the lady was screaming chasing her around the yard. I managed to catch her and she barely had a scrape on her knee but I could tell she was traumatized and was sure her hip was broken. So we raced to the doggie doctors, he took an x-ray and said she fractured her pelvic bone but her hip was fine. Phew ~ what a relief that was! He kept her overnight to sleep off her cocktail and I was pretty much ready for one myself!

She has been ordered by the doctor to be confined to her crate for 6 to 8 weeks so she can mend. So far she has been a trooper. Max has been trying to help out and brings her toys...

and tries to love on her

But she will be fine it will just take some time and LOTS of petting and lovin.

BUT before I became Sweet Pea's nurse-mate I finally finished a project that has been a long time coming.

One of the quilting groups I belong to does a service project for a private foundation each year and this was the one we did this year. It is to go on the bed that our 52nd President slept in once a long time back. We all made 3 or 4 blocks and I did the quilting and then did the quilting again!

There were a few technical difficulties with the long arm that kept my attention distracted and after many hours I finally got the top quilted. But by being distracted with the malfunction I didn't realize that the tension on the back was all wrong. It was only during the last 2 1/2 hours of quilting the borders. So as my mother always said "do it until you get it right". So for the next 5 to 6 weeks every Monday night 5 to 6 of my closest and dearest friends sat and helped me rip it out so I could "do it right".
So I re-marked it

and re-sewed it

So my part is complete and has now moved on to having the label applied to the back and will be delivered to its rightful new home soon. I am so pleased with how it turned out and was glad that mom always knows best ;)

So hopefully in some off chance that one of our Presidents should ever visit again and has the opportunity to sleep under a quilt I participated in it's making I will just be tickled pink!

Thank you for the long visit and sharing in my FIRST double post! I love hearing your comments and meeting new people. If you get a chance go by and pay a visit to Dogs on Thursday and say hi to some of our other two legged and four legged friends!

Enjoy your day!



  1. Oh no! Poor little Sweet Pea. I do hope she will be okay very soon Sharon. Max is so kind to help her too.

    ~Gorgeous quilt!

  2. Oh gosh how tramatic for you all. I really hope she is okay.

    I loved the title ... Gone to the Dogs, classic!

  3. thanks for stopping by, sharon! nice to see another crafty dog lover. :)
    sorry to hear of little miss' mishap. hope she heals well and quick!

  4. Sharon,
    Sweet Pea has been through quiet a trauma, but I am relieved that she is on the mend. Your new quilt creation is a beauty. I understand your need to rework it until you are satisfied with the quality. I am a perfectionist if it is a worthy cause, which this quilt was. Your weekly group sounds fun.

  5. I'm so sorry about Sweet Pea. I have a l6 year old rat terreier. They melt my heart. Mine thinks she owns, so at times I have to remind her, gently, that it is the other way around.
    Your quilt is beautiful. One to be proud of. Lot of hard work. You got it 'right' Jean

  6. Oh...poor Sweet Pea!!! I just know she will be fine...soon!!!

    I had to stop by and vist your oh so pretty blog after seeing the name...I love it!!! I wish I had thought of it!!!

    I hope you are having a wonderful Sunday!!!


  7. Sharon,
    What a wonderful Blog you have. I'm so sorry about Sweet Pea. I know she will heal under your care. The Quilt did turn out beautifully. I understand about having to get it right. I don't blame you for ripping out and re-doing. The new owner will be proud. You did a beautiful job. P>S> I got side-tracked, but MaryJane would love to rent out her machine to you.

  8. That poor baby. I hope she has a quick and easy recovery.

    Your quilt is gorgeous.

  9. Oh, poor little Sweet Pea. How cute that Max brings toys to her. I hope she is healing well. The quilt turned out so pretty. How frustrating to have to rip it out and start again, but I can see that it was worth it. laurie


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