A Day at The Nest

I LOVE field trips! and this little pin cushion of mine inspired my Girl Gang quilting group to take one. Yesterday seven of us took a field trip to my friend Pat's house for a pin cushion class. She has the sweetest little studio called the Bird Nest on the Ground It is nestled under a large tree with a front porch that greets you with such a warm country charm. We spent the day in the nest learning how to recreate this beautiful little pin cushion and enjoying all of Pat's vintage collectibles and her most inspiring works of art. We had the best time!

I purchased this sweet little treasure about a year ago from Pat's etsy store with the intentions of giving it as a gift. What I didn't realize is what an inspiring new friend I would gain as well and I found I just could not part with it. Her work just amazes me with all the tiny little details and embellishments that she puts in to it. She is very modest about her work and would not think it is much of a big deal but it just simply WOW's me and inspires me to venture off and try new things. Yesterday I learned embroidery and next time I hope beading.

Visit and be inspired!


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  1. Hi Sharon,
    I am a friend of Melissa’s from Melissa’s Heart and Home, and wanted to say hello and welcome you. I have been blogging almost 3 months and Melissa was one of my first followers. She is such a doll and so much fun! I am also a quilter, so it will be interesting following your blog. I learned when I lived in Montana and then taught beginning quilting when I lived overseas in Dubai! It was something we were able to get supplies for in that part of the world and believe me when I say they were desperate to have me for their teacher! I am going to take a look at your first posts and catch up. Drop by my site anytime it is always nice to meet new friends. ~Cathy~


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