A Halloween Party & Parade

WELCOME to my Halloween Blog Party!

I have loved Halloween all my life and what a better way to have a little fun with my blogging friends than to begin with a little parade!

So hop on your brooms and let's see what some others are doing!

Denise Marie @ Bloomin

Jorgelina @ Todas Somos Reinas

Kathleen @ Cuisine Kathleen

Tricks or Treats?

You can find some awesome give-aways over at

I have 13 little sweet treats I am happy to send your way!
To Participate do the following...

1.  Join the Party (for one entry)
2.  Post my party button on your blog (for one entry)
3.   Post my Blog button on your blog (for one entry)
4.  Follow me (for one entry)

The first winner will be announced tomorrow ~ Good luck
Now go and join the fun and visit the parade!
The parade of participants can be found on my sidebar.

Fly off little witchies!


  1. Thank you so much for having us all over! (I'm here from Mrs. B's 31 D.O.H. Blog Tour.) I just loved seeing what you & your friends have done with their homes for Halloween! (I think all of us Halloween nuts are in great company!) And I also loved your September Schnibble Quilt- although u will have to forgive me, as I don't have a clue what a Schnibble is! (It sounds like a cookie!but I have a feeling that can't be right.)I am now happily following your blog, and I will be posting your button on my blog, and playing along as well.Thanks again.

    ~ Danae <(:o) aka'Crafty'

  2. Oh my gosh! Your parade was SO much fun and such a good idea. Those pictures...WOW! (My fave was from Jorgelina. Those witches on their brooms are just awesome!) Thanks for letting me be part of the fun for your party!

  3. I am now a follower!
    October blessings!

  4. Loved the little previews you posted!
    I will try to visit everyone over the next few days...
    Thanks for hosting!

  5. Why hello! I have your party button on my blog, I'm Halloween partying all month, lol, and I am a follower! I'm adding your blog button right now!

    Woo hoo!

  6. Sharon, thanks for hosting such a wonderful Halloween Party.

    I joined the party.
    Have posted the Party Button on my Blog.
    I now am a follower.

    Please come and visit when you get a chance.

    Irma :)

  7. Sharon, what a great party! Everybody seems to be having a great time, and how fun to come over here and find photos of all of them posted on your blog. Thanks for being such a fabulous hostess. I love the eyes on the wreath! laurie

  8. Those pics are great, and give me so many amazing ideas! Too bad I don't have my own place! More ideas for when I do though!

    I'm following your blog now!

  9. okay i did it ... pcome grab my button -- i am posting decor ideas until Halloween...

  10. Hi Sharon!!

    I'm a little late but I am about to post my dessert that I'm bringing to your party!! Love, love, love your decor. Love your front door too. How adorable! We will DEFINITELY have some sushi when I'm out your way. :) I will be posting your button again at the beginning of my post. I meant to post last night but I ended up with a migraine...ugh.


    Lots of hugs!!

  11. What a great Halloween party Sharon! Thanks for the invite my sweet friend. The costumes are all just precious and so fun!

    Many Blessings and Happy Fall! ~Melissa :)


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