Halloween Party ~ Day 6 and a "Pink Saturday"

Joining How Sweet the Sound for a "Pink Saturday" and a little Halloween fun!

Who said Halloween had to be Orange?

Please be sure to stop by and visit the other Pink Saturday participants!


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# 19 - Carol @ Charli and Me
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  1. What fun! I love the pink witches hat and the kitty dress! Welcome to Pink Saturday!

  2. I am happy to be here on this cold Pink Saturday..I always enjoy seeing what makes each person tickled pink!!!Stop by and visit any time...
    God Bless You......Kandy

  3. Sharon, I am having SO much fun looking at everyone's posts on the Halloween Party... thanks again for hosting!

    I really liked all the PINK Halloween things you were able to find. PRETTY!

    I just now wrote another post for the party and I hope you have time to take a peek again.

    BTW... the last day for my giveaway is on Sunday!

    Have a great weekend.

  4. What a cute pink post. Oh my goodness the cat in a pink dress. LOL
    Have a happy pink Saturday

  5. Sharon,
    These are terrific Halloween pinkness!!!

  6. So many cute pinks! Maybe "pink" Halloween will catch on! LOL

    Happy PS!

  7. You're right! Who did say Halloween had to be orange? I think it never looked prettier than in your pinks. I am going to be thinking about a white pumpkin with pink polka-dots all day.

    Welcome to your first Pink Saturday, Sharon. I hope you enjoy the day.

  8. How neat to see Pink Halloween decor' Sharon!
    It's all so fun and very pretty too.

    Many Blessings, ~Melissa :)

  9. Welcome to Pink Saturday, Sharon! Love the pink pumpkins. Have a wonderful weekend.


  10. Wow!...wonderful Pink Saturday post here, Sharon!

  11. Welcome to Pink Saturday, Sharon! I think my favorite images are the pink trees and the cat with the pink collar!

    Happy PS...


    Sheila :-)

  12. Love all your pink halloween pics! Really love that pink witch hat! I am following!
    Happy Pink Saturday!

  13. Welcome to Pink Saturday! LOVE the black cat in the pink get-up. Hugs, Leslie

  14. I absolutely LOVE your pictures! What a great collection of pinks for Pink Saturday! I decided to join your Halloween Party after reading your posts. I commented on your original post about that. But welcome to Pink Saturday! You will have lots of fun here. And stop by and say hello.


  15. Pink candy corn and pink pumpkins! Wonderful! Welcome to Pink Saturday!

  16. Happy Pink Saturday and welcome! I just love all your pink Halloween! The pumpkins are fabulous and I have to find some candy corn like that now. Please stop by and visit. I have a very special post today. :)

  17. Welcome to Pink Saturday....you're going to have a fun day with all the great pink participants. Pink Halloween....great pictures....Sue

  18. Very nice pictures!

    Happy pink saturday!

  19. Hello Sharon, welcome to ps. It looks like a whole lot of fun to me. Great pinks today, love the little whitches pic the best. Happy Pink Saturday and please don't be a stranger, Char

  20. I love that pink witchie hat! Super cute!


  21. How fun! I'm having Pink Halloween over at my place, too! Do come by! Thanks.

  22. Sharon! OMG I love your Pink Saturday post how cute are those Pink Pumpkins Pink witch hat...I especially love the polkadotted pumkin! Happy Pink Saturday! Grace

  23. so much gorgeousness!!! happy pink saturday!

  24. Hi Sharon and welcome to Pink Saturday. Your pinks are so pretty..and your Halloween things are so sweet. Happy Pinks..have a great weekend.

  25. Oh I just love that picture of the pink leaves coming down! It awesome. Have a great weekend and Happy Pink Saturday. Welcome to your first post here. Mine too : ) Sherri

  26. You've got some lovely pink going on here! I first saw your blog last week when I was looking through Amber's portfolio to have my blog redesigned. Your design is very pretty!

  27. HA! Too right! Who said that anything HAD to be orange!! Great pics!! Welcome!!!!

    m ^..^

  28. Welcome to pink Saturdays! Pink pumpkins and pink candy corn sound perfect to me!

  29. I think I am on the wrong post..but that food is making me crazy. It looks so good!
    Great party, Sharon.

  30. Welcome to Pink Saturday. I would love to invite you to Crock Pot Wednesday at Dining With Debbie. There's a giveaway going on this week. You can come check out the entries and cast a vote for your favorite. I hope you will plan to join us with a favorite slow cooker recipe this week. I enjoyed all of your non-orange Halloween treats! Thanks for sharing those with us for Pink Saturday.

  31. Welcome to Pink Saturday. I love the pinks you've selected to share with us today. Have a great weekend.

  32. How cool is your pink Saturday! EVerything looks so beautiful! <3'ing the pink witchy hat!
    October blessings!

  33. Great pinks! I especially love the first one and the polka dotted pumpkin! Happy Pink Saturday and welcome!

  34. Happy Pink Saturday!!! I love the pink witch's hat!

  35. Hello Sharon; I love your Pink Halloween Post.. all those cute photos... Happy Pink Saturday... Have a great weekend,


  36. Sharon, Hi. OMG! I adore your Pink Halloween! Orange has never been one of my colors. Those trees are amazing and is that a Pink Witch hat? I love it! And the pink and white pumpkins...OH MY! What a great visit! Welcome to Pink Saturday. COme by for a visit when you can...Becs

  37. Welcome to PS! I'd have worn those shoes and stockings back in the day, for sure. And I feel kind of bad for that cat. They're a little too dignified to dress up, unlike dogs.
    Hope you'll be stopping by for a visit soon.

  38. What a cute post!! I want the pink pumpkin! :)


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