{ Quiltsurround }

On our road trip with the girlies 
we ventured off into downtown Memphis to see this

At the corner of Front and Adams in downtown Memphis
is this beautiful outdoor quilt exhibit.

by Sculptor and University of Memphis professor, Greely Myatt
on the side of City Hall.

Using about 700 various aluminum street signs, 
Myatt created 32 panels replicating traditional quilts.  

These 4 x 12 foot panels were just amazing.  
And who would have thought; recycled street signs as quilt pieces?
I LOVE it!  Thank you Greely Myatt and the city of Memphis!!

Now off to Huey's for a G-R-E-A-T burger!

Next stop ~ THE BEACH  (insert happy dance)

Enjoy your day,


{ Back to Reality }

I'm back home safe and sound and none to soon to catch a cold (uugghh).  
Thanks to my darling hubby who takes this "in sickness and in health" thing way too seriously. 
Thank goodness for antibiotics!  Many blessings to those that invented them!!

I wanted to share with you my "retreat" experiences.  
Two retreats back to back ~ pure bliss!

Each year a group of us spend a week in the woods.  
And I mean w.o.o.d.s.  Very poor cell phone reception (*wink, wink)
Our main objective is to make two quilts for the lodge and the rest of the time is spent on our own projects.  This was our sixth year and boy do we have a system down pat!

Some of us go with projects in mind and some bring half our studios, fabric stash, etc and sew as we go.  I always try to have my projects lined out, prepped and ready for some serious "sweat shop" therapy!  My motto is "I can sleep when I get home".

We completed our two quilts and I finished six personal projects of my own.  We had the best time ~ we always do!  I love this group of women.  We only see each other once a month but I certainly treasure their friendship!

Here is a little show & tell of what we did....

quilt 1 for the lodge

  quilt 2 complete

Becky's quilt

Marilyn working on a quilt for her granddaughter
(blocks on wall in background ~ very happy quilt)

Project 3 & 4 of mine
I made two baby quilts, quilted this one and gave it as a gift

I used minky on the back and it feels w.o.n.d.e.r.f.u.l!

Mary's bulls eye
I so need to make one of these!

April finished her Halloween quilt
It's beautiful!  
This picture does nothing for how it looks in person
I have one of these in my "unfinished" pile ;0)

 my project number 5
(cell phone picture ~ sorry)

and this is Bertha (my machine)
Every night is movie night

and a special little treat made just for us by the wonderful ladies at the lodge.  Home made cinnamon rolls for breakfast.  Marilyn and I pulled an all niter, well okay, 3 am and we decided we needed a little breakfast early (giggle)

As always we had a wonderful time and can't wait to go back!

Happy sewing!