{ Quiltsurround }

On our road trip with the girlies 
we ventured off into downtown Memphis to see this

At the corner of Front and Adams in downtown Memphis
is this beautiful outdoor quilt exhibit.

by Sculptor and University of Memphis professor, Greely Myatt
on the side of City Hall.

Using about 700 various aluminum street signs, 
Myatt created 32 panels replicating traditional quilts.  

These 4 x 12 foot panels were just amazing.  
And who would have thought; recycled street signs as quilt pieces?
I LOVE it!  Thank you Greely Myatt and the city of Memphis!!

Now off to Huey's for a G-R-E-A-T burger!

Next stop ~ THE BEACH  (insert happy dance)

Enjoy your day,


  1. Hi Sharon,
    Wow! this is amazing..the art really looks like quilts. What a sight to see..
    Have a sweet week, Elizabeth

  2. HI
    Great post! and incredible blog ! Very helpful post! I must say. Simple & interesting. Wonderful work!
    thank you!


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