Quilty Love

I'm in awhhh
with this lovely red ticking quilt

I do believe it needs to go on my list of
"must-have's" & "gotta-make"

It seems as if my "gotta-make" list
is prepetual.

Do you have a never endling list of
quilty love?

Enjoy your day & happy quilting!


  1. Yes, I do have a long list... but this quilt is the cutest ever! I would definately have to put that one on the top of the list! How fun!!! Thanks for sharing:)

  2. Red, pink & white gets me every time! Love it.

  3. Well, thanks a lot. You just added to my list. lol I just love this quilt. So simple. I do believe I need one of those for next winter. Then I can change the pillows and go to Valentines instantly. Fun, fun!

  4. ***swoonnnnn****

    what a gorgeous quilt! oh yes, it would be perfect in our homes, huh!

  5. Sharon~
    My first time visting and I feel so at home! What a beautiful blog. Thank you so much for sharing. I actually made a quilt similar and it was soooooo easy...just tear your yardage in to random width strips and it's done within an hour...now you have no excuses...HA HA!!
    Merry Christmas~


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