On second thought....

....someone can easily be persuaded!

checking it out

oh he's feeling it

and then there was a nose dive straight down
booty up!

Time to go in Max you look like a snow ball

 Whatever your weather is like outside
we hope you have a warm and toasty day
snuggled up with the ones you love!

Sharon & Max


  1. Oh I just LOVED those pictures of Max! You guys have had alot of snow. We had a little bit of freezing rain and snow this evening but not much. :) xoxo

  2. We had a bit of snow here in TX just the other day and my two Springer Spaniels went nuts! Ollie was running as fast as he could around the pool over and over! Your baby is so cute! Suzie

  3. Max is brave and doesn't mind the cold!
    Stay warm and enjoy~

    Flora Doora

  4. Love your baby's coat! Go hogs, go!


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