Window Shopping

So we have been doing a little shopping

window shopping that is

we've outgrown our space

and this just might do

In the backyard
perched ever so gracefully over a man-made pond
is this lovely

~  awwwhhhh ~

this speaks "quilt studio" to me
how about you?

The price is incredible
but the commute ~ ahhh not so great

but we're thinking.....
but more space is definitely in our future

be still my beating heart


Sharon  ;0)


  1. Those buildings are fantastic, I love architecture and these did not disappoint.

  2. Oh my, those are beautiful, know you'll find the perfect one!

    Have a great day Sharon!


  3. Both are gorgeous and I agree...be still my heart, lol!


  4. Oh to live in such a place. Sigh... It's beautiful!! I also loved your guilt. Miss Hoozit is charming ♥ You picked the perfect colors. I don't think I could ever part with it :>) You have such amazing talent to be able to create something so lovely. Thank you for your kind comments on my blog.

  5. Thanks for visiting my blog.
    As for that house, I think I could live there. :)

  6. A place where someone would want to come visit period! Beautiful. If you don't want it... let me know/I'm ready to pack my bags:)

  7. Oh my Sharon, this is beautiful! I love all the architectural details! This is quite a find.

    God Bless,

  8. Oh My Gosh Sharon! I'll just move into the little house out back! I could probably move into the big house with you, and you'd never even find me! Incredible place! I enjoyed seeing it. laurie

  9. That building is so gorgeous! Love the pond.

  10. Any one of those places will do just fine with me!! I love that pond! :)

  11. Being in California, a commute pretty much would not phase me. My CA transplant to OR son drives an hour to work in Oregon. One of interview questions addressed that reality. Answer: Hey, I'm from California. Distance is nothing when it comes to work. That being said, I vote for the incredible (I presume excellent and low) price on the brick house. Catch your dream and make sure the tires and engine etc. are in good working order.


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