On second thought....

....someone can easily be persuaded!

checking it out

oh he's feeling it

and then there was a nose dive straight down
booty up!

Time to go in Max you look like a snow ball

 Whatever your weather is like outside
we hope you have a warm and toasty day
snuggled up with the ones you love!

Sharon & Max

Not a snowball's chance....

is he going out there!

He is perfectly content watching it snow
in his jammies
from the comforts of his easy chair!

5 inches so far!

let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

have a warm and toasty day!
Sharon & Max


Orange Meringue Pie

Happy New Year,


Happy New Year!

Happy New Year dear friends!
I look forward to another year of reading your posts, comments
and sharing the everyday whimsys of my life with you!

Many blessings,