Got Quilts?

......and how do you use them?

Are you traditional and just use them on the bed?

Are you conservative and just fold and stack?

Do you share the love and display them for all to see?

Are you adventurous and take them outside?

Would you walk on them or sit on them?

Would you dine with them?

For me?
Absolutely to all the above.

I love quilts!
They can be amazing works of art
and if made with good quality materials
and if taken care of properly
they can last a many of life times.

Now who can resist a beautiful bed
with a nice comfy quilt?

Not me ;0)

Happy quilting & have an adventurous day!


  1. Vert fun post, Sharon!! Thanks for sharing all these wonderful ways to use a quilt!! Kris

  2. I'm with you. Put them every where. I love quilts. I've been looking for a new quilt to put in my new place WHEN I get to that point. Haven't found the right one yet. Hugs

  3. Sharon, what beautiful inspiration. I LOVE that long table outside under a covered porch! and oh, that last photo of that bedroom. I am swooning! Thanks for all of this beautiful inspiration. I do love quilts, and I've used them in every way you posted, but somehow these photos look much prettier than when I used them the same way! laurie

  4. All of the above for me, too!
    I only have a few old '30's quilts and love



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