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My favorite color ~ oh red, hands down!  With green following shortly behind.  For my home I tend to lean towards warm, monochromatic colors with pops of color in the accessories.  I love to paint but not as much as I seem to change my mind.  Neutral seems safe ;0)

What brand sewing machine to I use ~ my domestic machine that I piece with and do my day to day sewing on is a Janome MC6600.  Her name is Bertha (yes I name my machines).  And this gal is a workhorse!  She takes what she does seriously.  We spend long hours together, travel places and she has yet to fail me.  

My longarm is a Gammill Classic Plus, Ruby red.  Yes I call her "Ruby".  When you spend a lot of hours with something I tend to name them.  I'm quirky I know; or is it being creative? ;0)

Have I ever done anything outside of quilting ~ Oh yes!  When I worked outside the home with a "real" job I worked as a non-profit accountant.  I enjoyed it very much and met a lot of nice people.  But as with some things it ran its course and now I enjoy doing what I do.  I volunteer as our quilt guilds treasurer and do volunteer work at my church helping them with the finances and I enjoy that very much as well.  But pretty much these days my mathematical skills are put to use with measuring block design and quarter inch seam allowances.

Do you make quilts for others ~ Yes.  I do take consignment jobs.  I enjoy working with others in creating a special gift or heirloom treasure.  I will also quilt just your quilt top that you pieced together.  I offer a wide range of services.  Please feel free to email me any questions you may have.

If you could be anywhere, where would it be ~ If it is not with my family or in my studio it would be the beach.  I love the beach!  There is just something about getting sand between your toes, picking up seashells and hearing the sound of the ocean.  I am so a peace when I am at the beach.  So my "ideal" place would be a house on the beach with Bertha and Ruby in ear shot of the ocean...*sigh....

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