{ So Little Time }

So much to do, so little time

I think it is a cookie-kind-of day!

Laundry to do, wedding programs to print,
house guests coming, oh my....

Yes.  It IS a cookie-kind-of day!

Enjoy yours!


{ Remembering }

God Bless those who serve, 
who have served 
and those who have lost their lives. 

Thank you all for your sacrifice and honor 
in serving our country to protect our great nation and our freedom 
I feel blessed to be apart of a military family!

God Bless Our Troops!



{ Just Checking In }

Been busy as a bee!  

Between wedding errands, sewing gifts and a long list of "to-do's"
I still think of you often!

This weeks focus...

I've been working on a beautiful surprise for a special someone.
I'll have to share later ;0)

Next weeks focus ~ order Bridal portrait

Happy quilting!


{ A Milestone Weekend }

We had a fabulous weekend!

We celebrated Jared's commissioning into the Army as a 2nd Lieutenant
and his College graduation with a History major.  
A true milestone weekend!  
I could not be more proud of this young man 
and the choices that he has made!!

looking good guys!

swearing in

darling husband giving the first salute

 the first handshake

pinning of the butter bars

University of Arkansas Graduate

the happy couple

 Jared's brother & TWO future June brides

kisses in front of Ole Main

she found it!
At the U of A it is a long standing tradition for each graduate to have their name etched into the sidewalk.  It took two years but well worth the wait!

Yes. One very happy weekend!

Thank you for allowing me to boast a bit ;0)



{ Celebrate }

A very happy Mother's Day to you!

Enjoy your day!