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I have been blessed with many friends each talented in their own way.
Some are quilter's and some are not.
But my quilting friends
they can be a rare breed all their own.
They know you, they can relate,
they've got your back when you have that unfinished project
with that last minute deadline.
They are always looking out for you.

A few months back I recieved these sweet little treasures
from one of my dear quilting friends. 
They were once a very special gift that I made for two VERY SPECIAL small people.
She recognized them on eBay for 99 cents,
purchased them and returned them to me.

Now QUILTER'S listen up
When you are so engrossed with making that special heirloom quilt for someone
and spending boo-coo bucks on nice, high quality quilt shop fabrics
it is also YOUR responsibility to educate its recipient in what it is they are recieving.
This is not your typical blanket from the local Wal-Mart or 5-N-Dime.
This is the REAL deal, the GOOD stuff.
If taken care of properly, guaranteed to last a life time or two.

Well as with anything, there are exceptions
and there are just some recipients out there
that are too stupid to know any better any way.

Just saying.

Happy Quilting,

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